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About the author

The Author.

The Author

Eliara Santos is the creator, writer, host and producer of Helluvawoman Podcast, a podcast oriented to women which explores the lives and achievements of famous women from all around the world, in order to inspire other women (and people in general) as well as to discuss topics linked to womanhood.

Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration, polyglot, with background in different areas, in particular in the IT and the Education fields. Eliara is passionate about the art of writing and communicating with people.

On this website she wants to share some of her views and articles on a variety of different topics hoping to be able to enrich in some way other people’s lives..

“Knowledge is power and empowers people. Empowered people are free from the shackles of ignorance and will always have the potential to do great things and change the world.” – Eliara Santos