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Why write a blog in 2021? (an alternate welcome)

Last updated on October 25, 2021

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I have been thinking to go back writing for a long while, I did not know how or where should I do that since society has now become always more audio-video dependent. I realise why this happens and I am perfectly fine with it, still this constant craving to communicate has been growing on me and become something uncontrollable to the point I had to do something about it. I know the drill, I have been online since mid-nineties and know how things worked out throughout the years. From bulletin boards, IRC, to blogs and social media (I could cite more platforms  but let’s keep things short), I have experienced most, if not all of them and probably the one I mss the most is blogging, but I should someone start blogging in 2021?

I remember when the blog-mania started in the 2000’s. Blogger, WordPress, Livejournal… there were so many blogging platforms! Everyone wanted to write about something. Some would write a journal of their day or life, others would talk about their preferred song, play or TV series or just anything they would be passionated about it. I still have my first blog archived somewhere and from time to time I stop by and read bits of it for the sake of my nostalgia from an online world where there was still a bit of humanity behind things. Such great times that unfortunately didn’t last long because, social media arrived and started changing the way we communicate and get informed with new trends, new habits new everything. Social media was one of those dividing waters moment in people’s lives. Such a thing, that I personally divide time in BSM (before social media) and ASM (after social media). At the time I wished and hoped that some kind of integration, some of symbiosis between blogs and social media network would have occurred and kept both things alive and well but MySpace, Facebook, Orkut (who remembers this one?) and many other social networks ended up declaring the “death of the blogging era”. 

Of course blogging did not completely “died” but evolved into a kind of more journalistic tool with which ordinary people (but not only) would write articles about politics, society, technical matters, to name a few, becoming some sort of citizen journalists. Blogging has become something for niches because people were mostly communicating and getting their news from social media. It must be said that social media was not (and still is not) something to be completely demonised because it could actually arrive where blogging could not. It offered people a much faster (and some times even much brief, i.e. Twitter) way to communicate, ability which gave social media a broader dimension than blogging could ever achieve. Social media took worldwide communication to another level, but not without a cost. People undoubtably communicate more, faster and easier, but what exactly are they communicating? Could this social media communication be considered “quality information”. Do a more immediate way to communicate contributed to improve human communication? If so, how? Are there any side effects if such “immediatism”? What are the real costs we have to pay to have such  “instantaneous” communication?

The most serious problem linked to the advent of social media everyone can relate is the phenomena of Fake News. The wider capacity to spread quickly any kind of information on social media, unfortunately gave ill-intentioned people the power to disseminate promptly whatever information they want. How these people succeed disseminating such harmful information? A plausible answer to this question could be that people seem to have lost their critical thought. This loss of critical thought is a result of lack of reading. People read less because they are so addicted to immediate communication that a text longer than a few lines would not grab their attention. Furthermore, because people do not have the time to read or to investigate the source of the article/information, they accept its veracity and do not question if something could be false. Social media has created a fake world that dictates new trends, fashion, behaviours, etc. thanks to its low quality content and its broad reach. This low information can affect seriously and in such detrimental way lives of many people. The famous “Pod challenge” in which people would eat (or at least put in their mouth) laundry soap pods or the “Blue Whale game” which got some teenagers dead worldwide can be used as examples to this toxic culture, but I could (and probably many of you could too) write a book about it.

Certainly, not everything is to be blamed on social media, many other factors have affected this lack of critical thought of humanity like the scope for which the Internet is being used by people, the decrease in quality of educational systems worldwide, superstitions, religion, escapism, etc. Except maybe for the first of these factors, I will not be treating any of those topics right now but I indeed wanted to enumerate them here for the sake of information’s completeness. The way some people with great presence in the media has used low quality information / Fake News in the latest years should be considered, at least, unethical, irresponsible, other than criminal. The use of the (Digital) Media for personal purposes should be considered a crime against humanity (and punished properly), specially in countries in which most, or a great number of its population is illiterate/ functional illiterate or under the influence of those who have interest in keeping this status quo to their own benefit. A real life example about this was (still is, actually) the use of the pandemics and everything related to it, to win elections, or keep the power of (corrupt) governments in different angles of the world. Unethical and criminal people who did not think twice before manipulating news to their own interests without caring if the consequences of said acts would be (and how much would affect) negative to others people’s lives.

Therefore, after two years of pandemics and millions of lives lost (that could have been saved with the right amount of “good” information, by the way) thanks to fake news, I could not exempt myself anymore from educating people and felt compelled to accept “the call” and get back to my writing. The cost humanity has paid so far for this “immediatism” brought by social media into communication is too high. The teacher in me, the mother in me, the communicator in me, the human in me is very much aware that I will (probably) be just a tiny little drop of information lost in the middle of the immense (polluted) ocean called Internet, but I am determined to do my part and fight for a good use of information (and of the Internet). If I would be able to help at least one among the gazillions Earth-inhabitants, my work would be repaid because would give a meaning to each and  every effort taken on this mission.

Niche or not, I am here to stay and will blog what needs to be written/said hoping  somehow my words will reach someone in the infinitude that is the virtual (not so virtual) world. Take a seat, a mug of good coffee or tea (or a glass of a good red wine, depending on what time it is where you are) and enjoy my writings. Feel free to interact with me telling me your opinion about everything, just remember to be respectful and that topics can be discussed in a considerate way even when others disagree from your own opinion. In other words, welcome!

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  1. Hi,
    first off, congratulations on your effort to create this blog and compliment on your writing. Having my own website and being a writer for the longest time myself, I truly know what you’re facing with this endeavor. Starting a blog today isn’t that hard, I guess we are on the same page on that, but keeping it alive is. You will notice at first if you doing your statistics work that is, that it seems the interest on your blog is not as high as you had hoped. But don’t get discouraged, fight through this phase, it’ll get better. Also, don’t count on responses too much, my site is life for roughly 8 years now and I know all the people reacting to my work on my site by name. Again, don’t worry about that, I know people will read you’re blog as long you have something to say of interest. And do SEO work so your blog will be found online, be good at it because it might be even more important than the subjects you’ll write about. Again, compliment on your new “baby” and good luck! I’ll be reading…

    • Hi Wolfgang,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and advices. I do believe that we can learn from other’s experiences and I will make yours, gold to me.

      It is indeed true what you say, about statistics, interactions, etc. I see that happening with my podcast, but I don’t care. As long as there will be someone listening (or reading) me, I’ll keep doing my work. To be a writer or even a teacher (as I was) is hard work and the only way you do it it’s because you love doing it, you love sharing the knowledge, educating beings, surely not because you expect people to pay attention on you or lots of money (HA! You DEFINITELY should NOT expect ANY money, unless you expect to SPEND money!) .

      Feel free to come back anytime soon and read my articles. Again, thank you so very much for your advices and welcome!

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